London’s Street Style Scene

London’s streets provide a free catwalk of almost every style imaginable, showcasing, floral, bold, bright colours and smart and casual wear.

With such a mix of people in the capital, a jacket you see on the street could range from Primark to Gucci.

But recently the some of the styles of the high fashion runways have seeped into the stores of the high street. Creating a mix between high street and high runway fashion on the streets of London

Long coats have become a seemingly everyday fashion essential, with thigh to ankle length coats coming to the streets. The usual trench coat has become an essential, and bold coloured; leather and metallic versions have transformed the trench coat look into an edgy, unique style.

Street Style 3

Leopard print coats have also made a come back and are now being restyled with heeled ankle boots and mom jeans.

Patterns and colours themselves have become trends, with Checkered coats and trousers having become especially popular. The colour red has also been shown extensively on the London fashion week runways this year, and has seemingly becoming a trend in itself, depicting an aspect of both danger and passion, through the clothes.

Street Style.Another huge trend in London’s street style scene, is the array of fur coats, classic brown and beige fur coats are still significant, but with the influence of bold coloured versions in this years London fashion week, such as the long fur coat displayed in the Amy Thompson collection, members of the public appear to have rushed to add this to there personal style from cheaper high street store options.

Striped trousers of all kinds seem to be making a huge entrance too, ranging from popper, flare, culottes and smart trousers all featuring the seemingly simple pattern, but in new and more edgy ways.

To top off the London look, chunky heeled ankle boots, be it, leather, metallic, pointed toe, patterned, or even fur seem to be the perfect addition to the new edgy and colourful style sweeping the streets of London.

Street Style 2

By Lorna May Tyler

(Article featured in London Runway Magazine)

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